From Modern Hotels to Heritage Properties, from Schools to Hospitals, from Malls to Shopping Complexes, we design and build from concept to completion.

We organise our expertise along three major verticals:

1) Architectural & Interior Design: Includes HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Alarm System designing, Electrical Wiring layouts.
2) Project Management Consultancy: Our highly proficient team of Engineers and other Technical Staff coordinates projects from Excavation to Complete finishing. This includes the Quantity surveying, costing, Bills, coordinating with Architects, consultants and local govt. bodies etc.
3) Interior Contractors: We take complete contracts, from Conceptualisation to designing and finally executing with extreme precision to perfect order. This includes civil work, plastering, POP, False ceilings, Marble and stone work, electrical and plumbing layouts.

We, Vipul and Vicku are at the helm of a highly trained and experienced team, making us a force to reckon with, in our line of business. Over the years we have coupled our technical knowledge with our artistic drive to serve our clients in the most professional and satisfactory manner. We are always abreast of the latest trends, sometimes setting our own, with an ever so expanding repertoire made evident through our projects and our clients’ feedback. Our work quality, precision, detailing and on time delivery are some of the feathers in our cap. Take a tour of our website to experience our wonderful journey.